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Benefits of Customer Advocacy

Tiago Santana
Sep 2, 2020 4:00:00 PM

Marketers and business owners are often sensitive to their public perceptions and their ability to perform despite today's technological innovations. Meeting an objective analysis of the public's view can be a challenge. There are many benefits to the validity of an aspect of marketing and any information that can be used to back up the results a marketer has achieved.  

We all get it. It can be disconcerting to note the positive impacts a promoter/mover/retainer can have on an industry and brand reputation. A marketer acknowledges the need to win over their loyal customers by creating a well-integrated plan, an onboarding process, and the product’s retention strategy. This ensures that the sales cycle is optimistic in conveying a positive impression to the public.

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There are several ways to get around this anxiety and to enhance the overall perception of the brand. One way is with the use of a leading Customer Advocacy program.

Concluding a criticism of this approach toward marketing can be an opportunity to improve the customer experience and the perception of a product or brand. Giving customers a voice is a unique way to communicate with an audience.

Many marketers and business owners have introduced brand advocates as an integral part of their loyalty programs. 

Here are five benefits of customer advocacy:

1. Build Loyalty

Build a sense of loyalty by launching a customer advocacy program to leverage social media to drive more business. It will help a marketer better understand their customers, which will lead to more success and customer loyalty.

Brand advocates are often present to have a say in their brand’s visibility over social media and in their share of business since social media became part of the customer experience and customer journey. An advocacy strategy will enhance customer experiences by connecting design with knowledge and loyalty.

Brands should be empowered to watch their active interest across social media, and given a way to understand their existing customers and products to develop an advocacy strategy.

2. Increase Retention

An interested individual is more likely to serve as an advocate if they see that their experience with the product or service is important for using the product or service to the fullest. Highly engaged consumers - those who have reached completion of a purchase and have a fixed purchasing intention - are more likely to indicate their gratitude towards the company and stay active in its various initiatives.

Loyal customers are more likely to initiate an advocacy campaign before the rest of the sales team passes them on to customer success. Brand advocates are also added with the referral program and other technologies to help decrease the company’s time to convert when the products or services are of use to the potential customer.

Customers who have already participated in an advocacy program are present during the lifecycle from the sale to the use and post-sale experience and become advocates once they become active and comfortable with the product or service. Some brands encourage the purpose of their advocates through social media, asking followers for their feedback to enhance their customer experience.

3. Improve Customer Satisfaction

Improving the customer experience is key for success, and the final result will be better brand associations, repeat business, and a positive image of the company. Satisfied customers are more likely to become engaged in your market and industry to support your business and product while sharing your services to their friends and family. They will be more likely to refer your products, services, or business to their fans so that other people may experience your service or products and also celebrate the benefits when they subscribe.

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4. Expand Brand Awareness

Customer advocacy and social media promotion will connect and strengthen brand accounts, thereby driving more revenue and profitable relationships with existing customers. Going the extra mile for their customers increases their chances of becoming inspired to be a part of your mission, thus spreading brand awareness.

Gaining new customers will be easier with the aid of a loyalty program. There is the possibility of digitally connecting marketing campaigns. This will allow the business to continue to control sales while following the tenets of marketing principles and reaching out to existing customers, all while developing loyal ones to continue growing the business.

5. Increase Business Customer Acquisition

Customer satisfaction is a perennial issue, and retention of existing customers is increasingly imperative for utilizing customer advocacy platforms to improve your company's relationship with its customers.

Loyal customers from past and present are an unbeatable asset that can be used in any business to improve product or service and do more for your organization. The valuable feedback you get from your advocates will help increase your conversion rate for future customer acquisitions. 

Develop an advocacy strategy and start making progress with it. Customer Advocacy Marketing is a highly efficient and rewarding way to grow your business.

Customer advocacy program best practices

Assist your sales team by acting as a liaison between your customer and your marketing program. This is important in ensuring quality customer service. Handle potential problems, deal with complaints, and respond when needed to service your customers.

Announce rewards for brand advocacy. For example, announce giveaways or incentives for such acts as sharing comments on the company, sharing your products on social media, and even representing your products at industry conferences or events.

Keep your partners informed of your advocacy marketing program. By ensuring your employees advance their passions, you can bring a new meaning to engagement.

Create an advocacy team. Building the right environment and internally open bond and collaboration is vital to customer engagement. The staff’s content supports the success of the type of experience that customers have with your company.

Focus on brand ambassadors. Your marketing strategy best practices can easily win brand advocates. 

Start implementing an advocacy marketing program with your employees! Leveraging employee advocates can help you grow your company and give employees a platform to collaborate with your brand.

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Integrate your referral marketing, social media, brand loyalty, and referral programs into your customer advocacy marketing.

Have customers be advocates for your brand, but also be proud and authentic! Involve your sales team in referral marketing to cultivate loyalty from happy customers. 

Build a customer advisory board. Write questions for your customer specific reasons for liking your company on social media. Blog about the success you see with your company and its content.

Get influencers and thought leaders. Work with your customer relationship management (CRM) team to run a brainstorming session or brainstorm team that describes how you created your advocacy program. Create unboxing and other ways to engage customers that would have otherwise been neglected in the marketing phase.

Give your loyal customers a motivation to become advocates instead of just a promotion. Implement a loyalty program with your customer management system. Engage your customer management and support team by answering critical questions on increasing the customer lifetime value (CLV).

Use your customer advocates in your marketing campaigns. Showcase the stories of customers you’ve helped and the problems you’ve solved. These customer relationships will help you expand your customer engagement.

Ensure your team can participate in social media advocacy when you need them. Ensuring your employee advocacy teams are on social media and engaged will increase your organization's advocacy efforts. 

If you’re unsure how to tap into brand advocates’ hidden potential, you’re not alone. Gray Group International helps brands build scalable systems that drive internal and external customers through a “wow” worthy buyer and customer journey towards advocacy. We’re here to help you develop and implement an advocacy strategy that will fuel your company’s growth for years to come. Reach out today to speak with me about growth opportunities hidden in your missing “wow” moments.

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