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Our Why

At Gray Group International we believe that everything we do starts with why.

Our family of passionate, committed, and fearless risk-takers seek to create innovative solutions that drive results to our partners through deep, long-lasting relationships that are built on a foundation of trust, purposeful work, and enthusiasm. We do this by adopting world-leading technology, embracing our differences, and challenging the status quo. Through an ideology of 'givers gain immensely', we seek to become an extension of your company. We deliver powerful assets that help shape and elevate your brand's story. We just happen to be phenomenal at marketing. We are a digital creative solutions agency.

We are GGI.

Gray Group International

We are GGI

We are a Digital Creative Solutions Agency that puts relationships at the forefront of the work we do.


Work From Experience

Our experience has taught us that building trust, both between ourselves and our clients, and between them and their customers, is the best way to position a brand in the current digital landscape.


Building Trust

We have realized that there is no better way to build trust and relationships than by adding true value, which is why we focus on inbound and content marketing as the perfect strategies to build it.

Build Trust


Our Method:

At this stage, we research and understand your business through our onboarding process. We understand your products and your unique selling propositions to fully immerse ourselves into your brand. We talk to you and gather data and insights to become experts at how to share your story in the most effective way possible.
We know magic lies just below the surface, which is why we love to dig deeper. At this stage we enhance existing initiatives, making sure we fully understand the core of your business. We go to great lengths to make sure every project meets our strict set of criteria make you proud of how your brand is being represented.
After gathering all the information we need, we define clear strategies that can be implemented to achieve your goals. This includes defining content, social media strategies, KPIs, and channels. Our strategies are measurable and with a level of transparency that can keep you at peace with how you're investing your money.
We take the fact that we are here to deliver quality results that help accomplish your company goals very seriously. To do so, our team has processes in place to make sure that adding value to your brand is our main goal. We have constant reporting covering every necessary detail of your projects.

We make sure we reflect upon every action we have within our ecosystem to analyze areas of opportunity and make adjustments on our way forward. As our relationship continues to prosper, our work will become stronger and better. This allows us to make more profitable and more impactful impressions with your customers.

Social Management Plans

For brands that just need to boost their social media to grow their online presence. 

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Inbound Growth Plans

For brands that need a holistic growth plan that includes social media, content, and much more.

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Inbound Marketing

Inbound marketing focuses on bringing value to customers before trying to sell them on something. It centers on creating relationships and trust that will naturally turn those who interact with your brand into customers.

Website Design

We design a fully functional and beautiful website that fulfills both your needs and those of your customers.

Persona Marketing

Personas help focus our efforts on the ideal versions of your customer base. That way, we know who we're talking to and what we're talking about.


The best way to build authority and value, tackling subjects that your audience is interested in a way that shows you're knowledgeable.


There's no use in having a beautiful website if nobody sees it, and SEO helps put your website in front of people that are looking for what you're offering.

Outbound Marketing

Outbound is a more traditional approach to marketing, but used in tandem with inbound it can bring great value to your brand. Inbound is why customers stay with your brand, but outbound can put your content in the spotlight to begin with.

Email Marketing

When you send emails to people that are looking for your content, you can build useful relationships that can boost your brand.

Search Engine Marketing

A mixture of organic growth with paid results is the best way to boost your page and make it shine, making it rank higher in searches.

Social Media Management

Social Media Management is all about building relationships with your audience through the channels that are more relevant to them. Your brand can reach new levels of engagement by sharing highly relevant content.

SM Management

Share content that people are looking for, and interact with your audience in a way that is more personalized than ever.

Social Engagement

Engage with people that want to hear what you have to say, foster a community that cares about your brand.


Thanks to social media insights, targeting people that are the right fit for your brand has never been easier.

Influencer Marketing

Community leaders will have a stronger impact on their followers because of the inherent trust they have garnered with them.

Customer Service

As the first point of contact, social media is the best way to stay in touch with your customers to keep them happy and satisfied with your service.

Crisis Management

Social media works as the first front for your brand. Through these channels you can communicate with your audience in case a crisis arises.

Creative Solutions

Your brand's visual image is the first impression it will make with customers. From visuals, to branding, to videos, everything has an impact on how your brand is perceived. An image is worth a thousand words, and words are quite mighty already.


Your visual identity has a greater impact than you might think. It can transmit trust, experience, or even luxury. Tell your brand's story in a visual way.

Graphic Design

The tool to tell your brand's story and solve problems in a creative and visual way.


Words are the most straightforward way to tell your story. Through engaging writing from everything like CTAs to ebooks, we introduce your audience to you;

Audiovisual Content

If a picture is worth a thousand words, how many words is a video worth? We help you tell your story in a significant and engaging way through images.

Cyber Business

The digital landscape calls for digital business solutions. From e-commerce stores, to the integration of new software, there are many solutions that can bring your brand and company into the forefront of the 21st century.


In this digital age, physical stores are no longer necessary. Through a digital platform you can start selling your products to the right people all over the world.

Product Sourcing

We find the perfect fit for your brand, sourcing products from third parties for you to sell through your digital platform.

Process Management

When starting out a new business or project, it's crucial to define your internal processes and flows of information to increase your chances of success.

Software Integration

Different tasks call for different solutions. If you're looking to train your team on new software, we can train and assist the transition from old to new.

Business Consulting

For all of your business and process needs. We can provide business consulting to discover the way forward for your brand.

We've joined Forces with the greatest on the industry:
Hubspot Certified Partnership
Sprout Social Agency Partner
Shopify Partners
Google Partners

Meet our Team

We are AWESOME, not because we get to help you achieve great things, we are awesome because we choose to be that way!

Team Member - Tiago Santana
Tiago Santana
The heart and soul of GGI. Tiago loves his family, his dog, and his jeep above everything else in the world.
Team Member - Andrea Ulloa
Andrea Ulloa
Andrea is a busybody and at the core of everything GGI. She is as cheerful and happy as Lana, her labrador.
Team Member - Jaime Laguán
Jaime Laguán
Jaime is a geek and he knows it. In fact, we all do, thanks to the Funko Pop collection he proudly displays on his desk.
Team Member - Gerardo Bonifacio
Gerardo Bonifacio
Creative Specialist
Whether it's at work or in his free time, Gerardo loves audiovisual production so much it's a huge aspect in every part of his life.
Team Member - Andy García
Andy García
Social Media Coordinator
Loves staying up to date with current digital trends. Andy loves backpacks so much she often carries a backpack within her backpack.
Team Member - Rodrigo Rivas
Rodrigo Rivas
Inbound and Outbound Specialist
Rodrigo is cheerful, sensitive, and flamboyant. He loves flipping his hair every moment he can.
Team Member- Luis Lagos
Luis Lagos
Creative Specialist
A former tattoo artist, Luis carries his love for video games on his skin, some even the product of his own hand.
Team Member - Boris Palacios
Boris Palacios
Digital Strategist/Analyst
The only thing Boris loves more than musicals is dishing out savage comments to anyone and everyone that deserves them.
Team Member - Sylvana Alvarez
Sylvana Alvarez
On boarding Specialist
Sylvana loves fitness and dancing so much it's contagious, bringing everyone together to exercise throughout the day.
Team Member - Joshua Aragão
Joshua Aragão
Sales Enablement Specialist
When he's not working on marketing or taking dope pictures, Joshua is out and about getting pins for his collection.
Team Member - Violeta Morales
Violeta Morales
SEM Coordinator/Cyber Business Specialist
If there ever has been an example of a cool mom, it's Violeta. Always trendy, she gears her baby up to be as cool as she is.
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