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Get Your Audit
Get Your Audit

Having Trouble Prospecting through Email?

“I send 100 emails and get 1 response, what am I doing wrong?”

Principles of Sales Prospecting Emails

You want to improve your prospecting email response rate? Take a look at these 7 principles:

-Visualize the email structure
-Use a unique subject line
-Get straight to the point
-Include a Call-to-Action
-Focus on Benefits



From 1% to 15% Response Rate

Most of the time we have clients whose prospecting emails are getting a 1% response rate.

There are clear items that we’ve identified they’re doing wrong:
-Subject line is vague or lacks context
-The email doesn't have a structure
-It’s way to long
-Does not have a call to action

If that sounds familiar, let’s turn it around!


Email Prospecting-Getting your Emails Opened  Let's Talk!

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Here’s how GGI can help you craft engaging Sales Prospecting Emails

Auditing current efforts

We’ll take a look at your current email strategies. Most of the time low response rate emails have unengaging subject lines, are way too long, do not have clear call to actions and basically end up confusing the reader.

Setting up the Seven Principles

After we’ve audit your current efforts we have a better understanding of what is not working.

We’ll then craft engaging email templates and sequences following the 7 principles of compelling emails. These will include an engaging subject line, be highly targeted and personalized and include a clear CTA.

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