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Social Media Monitoring

We keep track of your audience and reach them where they are

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How Social Media Monitoring Can Help Your Business Compete


Your company is in an ongoing competition – you’re consistently trying to earn the business of customers and propel ahead of competition.

 This can be difficult when you’re unaware of what either is doing.

 In order to consistently grow your customer base, you need to know what consumers are saying about your brand.

 And in order to compete with your competitors, you need to know what they’re doing.

 Now, what do companies and consumers have in common? Social media.

 This is where social media monitoring becomes one of the most valuable tools you can have.

 What is social media monitoring?

 Social media monitoring is a combination of listening to what’s happening on social media and reacting to it.

 At Gray Group International, we have leading social media monitoring tools to help our customers gain intelligence to enhance their business growth.

 With this service, you can learn about what your customers are saying about your brand and pain points consumers have that you can potentially resolve.

 This gives you an advantage to attract new customers to your business using content marketing and product sourcing (both of which we can assist with).

 You can also learn about the moves your competitors are making. With this knowledge, you can make business decisions to keep up with or even blindside your competition.

 If you can find weaknesses in their game plan, you can easily gain a competitive edge.

 Build relationships with your customers

 Another benefit of social media monitoring is the relationships you can build with customers. Social media monitoring tools transforms your brand into Superman, listening out for people in distress.

 When you team up with our agency, you can rest assured that your customers will receive responses to inquiries or complaints regarding your brand. This will help build trust and advocacy for your company.

 It’s a great form of reputation management and can possibly earn you more business.

 Stay abreast of brand mentions everywhere on the web

 Social media monitoring tools don’t only work with social networks. It also monitors brand mentions on search engines, forums, blogs, review sites, news sites, and more.

 There’s a lot happening in your industry on any given day. But rather than just watching and listening to what’s going on, it’s important to react accordingly.

 At Gray Group International, we analyze the conversations happening and join in when it can benefit your brand’s reputation.

 In turn, this can help boost your visibility, customer loyalty, and sales.

 We develop a strategy to monitor only what’s important to your business. It’s easy to get sidetracked in all the noise on the web today.

 Allow us to help your brand rise above it all and shine. Contact us today to learn how our social media monitoring service can benefit your company!

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