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Social Media Engagement

We create community and connect more deeply

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Harness the Power of Social Media Engagement


Brands with social media profiles have a higher chance of earning the business of consumers. But what wins over consumers is when a brand is active on their social media accounts.

Over 70% of consumers say they’ll recommend a brand they had a positive experience with on social media.

Now, there are several ways you can use social media engagement to your benefit (and the benefit of your customers).

To properly reach and engage with clients through social media you must first do something called Social Media Listening. Through Social Listening you'll be able to closely monitor digital conversations that happen online to best understand what people say that could help your brand continue to leverage itself above the rest. Through social listening, we can also identify unique areas of opportunity that come directly from your customer that could help your brand, product, or service stand out from the rest.

Then is your brand's opportunity to engage in topics that are relevant to your key audience and consequently gain their trust.

Some of what we do:


  • Social Media Listening
  • Direct Engagement
  • Trust Building in Interactions
  • Community Management
  • Analysis of Response
  • Adjustment of Brand Message


Offer better customer service

The customer experience doesn’t end when a consumer receives your product or service. It’s critical for your brand to be easily reachable if a customer has questions, concerns or complaints.

If your brand is inaccessible, then these questions, concerns, or complaints will show up in forums, social media posts, and online reviews.

When this happens, it can hurt your reputation and potentially cost you the business of future prospects.

With social media engagement, you can extend an ear to both customers and prospects. Answering their questions and messages quickly is the key to delivering that positive social media experience.


Minimize potential negative feedback

Social media isn’t a one-way advertising venue. It’s a two-way street for communication. Using it as such will help you to identify issues your customers have so you can resolve them quickly.

Engaging in conversations and starting discussions can both help mitigate problems in your community. By reaching out to customers, you earn their gratitude and the trust of potential customers.

At the same time, this helps to reduce the chances of consumers leaving a negative review about your brand.


Getting social on social media

Do you already have a social media page, but aren’t currently active on it? Being on social media isn’t enough to earn you more business.

You need to be actively engaging on the platforms your customers frequent. The experts at Gray Group International can help identify which social networks you should be on.

We can also help develop a social media engagement strategy to ensure your brand’s in the midst of conversations as a thought leader.


Ready to learn more about social media engagement? Get in touch with us today to see how it can help grow your business!

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