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Reputation Management

Making sure your reputation follow your brand's values 

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How to Use Reputation Management to Grow Your Business


Reputation is everything in business. This is one of the reasons why you’ll find some smaller businesses outdoing major corporations.

Thanks to the internet, the playing field is level between the big brands and the little brands. No longer does the company with the biggest ad spend win over consumers.

Now, it’s all about creating excellent customer experiences. If you’re able to offer this, then you can easily create a community of advocates.

But it all starts with proper reputation management.


Reducing the impact of negative reviews

One of the biggest issues businesses run into today is negative online reviews. Something businesses have to understand is that consumers are now in control of how others perceive their brand.

But there are measures you can take to shed more positive light on your brand. For example, one part of reputation management is monitoring brand mentions (on social media and in Google).

Whenever a consumer leaves negative feedback, it’s encouraged that brands reply and try to rectify the issue (if applicable). Not only will this help possibly win back a customer, but it’ll also show onlookers that your brand cares.

Since the majority of brands get negative reviews at some time or another, they look at how the brand handles themselves. Ignoring complaints or lashing out is one sure way of tarnishing your brand reputation.


Building consumer trust for your brand

Consumers like to do business with brands they trust. If you’re a new business, then building this trust is crucial to growing your customer base.

With proper reputation management, you can begin building visibility. When you start getting customers, it’s essential to proactively reach out to them and ask for their feedback or even a review.

Already-established companies can do the same, while also negating the effects of bad reviews. The more your brand does to manage its reputation, the higher your trust level will be.


Increase your profits

Millions of people are searching on Google for products and services to buy. If there’s an excessive amount of negative reviews unanswered by your brand, then it’ll deter consumers from shopping with you.

This can greatly harm your business’s revenue. So to avoid this, you can use reputation management to turn things around.

At Gray Group International, that’s what we help brands do every day – build outstanding online reputations.

We do this with:

  • Content marketing
  • Influencer marketing
  • Press releases
  • Crisis management
  • Reputation management
  • Social media listening and monitoring
  • Community advocacy

With the combination of these services, you can turn customers into brand advocates that promote your brand every chance they get. Their word outweighs anything you can say in your marketing or advertisements.

Don’t overlook consumers as your most valuable marketing tool.


If you’d like to learn more about managing your business reputation, then contact us now!

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