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Product Launch

Create expectation and deliver more than expected

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Create a Product Launch Campaign that Exceeds Expectations


Have you ever anticipated the day a product finally launched? Maybe it was the new Samsung Galaxy or gaming console.

Tech companies are some of the best when it comes to product launches and there’s a lot we can learn about their strategies. What you’ll notice is that these brands begin their product launches months in advance.

This grants time for the business to build anticipation with slow leaks of information. And it builds anticipation from the public as each piece of new data that’s released.


It’ the perfect storm for a beautiful product launch.

Unfortunately, there are thousands upon thousands of brands with product launches that flop. Don’t let this happen to you.


Increase your odds of selling out

One way to measure the success of a product launch is to see whether or not it sells out. But there’s another way you can determine the possible success of a product – pre-sells.

At Gray Group International, we use a variety of strategies to ensure your product launch is successful. This includes:


  • Focusing on the people, not the product (selling the sizzle, not the steak)
  • Creating an event out of your launch (online or offline)
  • Analyzing market demand for your product
  • Drafting a clear position and messaging for your product
  • Building relationships with influencers
  • Crafting content for slow-drip information releases (email, blogs, etc.)
  • Publishing press releases
  • Building visibility via social media (posts, conversations, ads)
  • Creating video demonstrations
  • And more


What works for one product may not work for another – so we dive deep into your company to learn all about its customers, competitors, and products.

If you’re worried about lackluster sales on your launch day, we can help. We’ll cover all the bases to ensure your marketing reaches key consumers that want to buy your product.


Avoid common mistakes with your product launch

One mistake businesses make when planning a product launch is setting unrealistic goals. If you don’t do market research, you could end up with more products on your shelves than you do customers.

Another mistake is forgoing pre-launch testing and feedback. This can be valuable way to learn the potential reaction customers will have to your final product.

You don’t want to wait until after your launch date to find out about a problem with your product.

The experts at Gray Group International can help you avoid common mistakes brands make when launching a product.

We’ve helped countless brands successfully launch products. We analyze your product to ensure it’s ready for the market. And we develop the proper messaging to push out to attract the right audience.

With the digital marketing services we offer, you can easily build a thorough campaign that targets customers wherever they are. This includes email, social media, and your blog.


If you’re serious about launching a product your customers will love, then contact us today!

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