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Press Releases

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How Press Releases Can Help Grow Your Business


For generations, businesses have used the media to help garner attention from the public. In the past, this was done through mediums like newspapers, radios, and television.

 And while this worked for decades, times have definitely changed. Today’s consumers are online, so it makes sense to publish your press releases digitally.

 If you’re not already using press releases to make public announcements regarding your products/services or brand overall, then it’s time to start.


What are press releases?

 A press release is an effective marketing and public relations tool. Businesses of all sizes can use it, including startups, to drive awareness for new products or services, upcoming events, and other happenings within your organization.

 How you write your press release and where you distribute it is critical to getting the best results. At Gray Group International, we offer press release writing and distribution services.

 We develop press releases that are fit for publication. Since the distribution is via the web, you no longer have to go through painstaking approval and publishing processes.

 Nor do you need media contacts to get your press release published.


The benefits of press releases for business

 There are a number of reasons why you should use press releases for your business. For instance, it can help keep your audience informed about brand updates and shifts.

 If you’re crossing over into another industry, offering new products/services, or hosting an event, you can use a press release to get the word out.

 Press releases are the ultimate tool for gaining exposure, especially if bloggers and/or journalists pick up the story. This is where we come in.

 The experts at Gray Group International not only help you create and publish press releases, but we also assist with getting media attention. We work to establish relationships with bloggers and influencers in your industry to potentially have your story told on their site or platform. 

 But whether or not your press release is picked up by media outlets, simply publishing it will help to boost traffic. Press releases published online can help with your SEO, but only if they’re properly optimized.

 We ensure your target keywords are included throughout the press release, as well as links pointing visitors back to your site.


Build brand visibility cost-effectively

 The internet presents a host of ways to build brand visibility. At Gray Group International, we make use of several methods to help your branding.

 This includes social media monitoring, social media engagement, and reputation management. We’re a digital agency with public relations services that can help you reach your branding goals.


 If you’re interested in taking a proactive approach to your online visibility, then get in touch with us today!

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