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Influencer Marketing

We find the right people to reach new audiences for your brand

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How Influencer Marketing can Put Your Brand on the Digital Map


Consumers are always looking for products and services that meets their needs. When they research a product or service you’re offering, your brand should pop up.

While SEO is great for getting rankings and traffic, nothing helps visitors convert like social proof. Influencers on social media, blogs, and YouTube are what we call industry movers and shakers.

Influencer marketing is so effective that a majority of marketers report getting better results from it than from any other paid channel. In an age with millions of online communities ranging in sizes, gaining brand awareness through influencer marketing is a smart decision for any business with a digital presence.

If you can build relationships with these individuals, you can potentially boost your visibility and trust factor.


Establish and build solid business relationships

Gone are the days when you could pay an influencer to market your brand. Consumers are on to this and can tell when an influencer genuinely recommends a brand or is sponsored by one.

The way you go about establishing and building these relationships is critical. At Gray Group International, we perform influencer outreach strategies that help connect your brand with the movers and shakers of your industry.

This is done in an authentic way so that you can establish long-lasting business relationships.


Creating a win-win for your brand and influencers

Since you’re not paying influencers to promote your brand, you have to create a scenario that’s a win-win for your brand and the influencer.

At Gray Group International, we use content marketing. One example of how we do this is by creating guest blog posts on behalf of your brand. These are designed to be relevant to the influencer’s audience and that links back to your site.

This way, they get amazing content for their blog and you get an influx of inbound traffic for your site.


Finding influencers with your target customers

In order to make influencer marketing work, you need to find thought leaders that share your target audience.

These influencers shouldn’t be competitors, but within your same industry. The experts at Gray Group International will help you pinpoint influencers to target for your campaign.

By building relationships with multiple influencers, you can consistently promote your brand in a natural way. And we can help.

Interested in how this can work for your brand? Allow the professionals at Gray Group International to help. We’ll analyze your company and your industry to find influencers with the highest probability of benefiting your brand.

Some of what we do:


  • Audience Research
  • Defining Audience Niche
  • Identification of Key Influencers
  • Contacting Key Players
  • Negotiating Relationship
  • Partnership Management


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