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With our proven seven stage process we will help your company tell brand stories in industry leading, unique, and exciting ways; all while hacking growth and boosting your business revenue.

Let's breakdown the road to advocacy.


Stage 1: Awareness

As the first step of the buyer’s journey, the critical question is: How do you get strangers to find you regarding a problem they may be experiencing? In the awareness stage, internal and external customers navigate their way toward understanding why to even engage with your company in the first place.

It would help if you created ways to attract them into the buyer's journey in a frictionless, helpful manner that Is according to their terms. By creating foundational, compounding assets, you create a perpetual cycle of inbound visitors.

Stage 2: Consideration

Your company has been found! Congratulations.

Now, it's time to get those strangers to become leads. Your company website shouldn’t be like the other million websites whose visitors that only bounce right off the page. You not only want to keep people on the page, you want them to convert. At the consideration stage, you want to "WOW" your user with helpful, enjoyable content so that they have a reason to stay.

Remember, they still don't understand your company. Your potential customers have a problem that needs solving, and by helping them with the information they need when they need it, you can qualify them as a lead. Set up the consideration stage to get more people as Marketing and Sales Qualified Leads for your business and align Sales and Marketing in your company.

Stage 3: Decision

All businesses need customers. How do you get more customers with a higher customer lifetime value? The key is to build systems that eliminate friction with "WOW" moments, helping users to decide that your company is the solution to their needs. At the decision stage, your sales team can shine and close the deal.

Stage 4: Adoption

You did it. You've earned the trust of another company. Now the fun begins. It's one thing to get a new customer. It's another to keep them. At the adoption stage, you want to set up ways for your customer to successfully use your products. Whether it's an onboarding process, a start-up tutorial, or a one on one call with a specialist, it's essential that you "WOW" your customers through embracing your product or company to it's fullest potential.

Stage 5: Retention

The honeymoon stage is over. The excitement is dying down, and the user sentiment is often starting to get less satisfied at this stage. The need for structure is crucial at this stage as your brand helps your users continue to find ways to earn value from your product/service. The retention stage is a vital stage to help make it to the next step in the customer journey. By strengthening the relationship at the retention stage, up-sell and cross sell conversion rates increase in the expansion stage, ultimately increasing the lifetime value of each customer. 

Stage 6: Expansion

We've all heard of the up-sell. It's often harder than most people realize, to get an up-sell from a customer. Unless there is an apparent reason why they need or desire to keep expanding their ecosystem and engagement with your company's products and services. But if you've taken time to respect the timeframe of the specific timeline for your product's buyer and customer journey, it should be a no-brainer for your customers to expand further with your company.

Stage 7: Advocacy

An essential stage of exponential business growth is Advocacy. Talk about starting with the end in mind. Advocacy is that stage where you are getting a consistent stream of leads from the investment you’ve made in your customers and the people who drive your business.

People talk. When people speak highly about your brand, your product, and your service, it immediately builds trust for others. This is due to pre-existing rapport from existing relationships. At the advocacy stage, your customers and employees should be your biggest advocates and borderline salespeople. 

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We're experts at helping you get more people to advocacy. 

Check out this visual representation of our growth flywheel. Chat with us below to learn more. 


Our Method

We are an agile team of passionate humans with expertise in many areas designed to help your company shine. We strive to make your business a more powerful, profitable, and enjoyable organization for internal and external customers. Our focus spans far greater than just digital marketing. Our mission is to take holistic approaches to solve company challenges. We do this by leveraging digital strategies mixed with incredible storytelling.

KPI: Revenue
KPI: Cost to Aquire a Customer
KPI: Net Promoter Score
KPI: Employee Promoter Score
KPI: Profit

Our emphasis on inbound, outbound, and content marketing allows us to help you present your company in ways that your target consumers will enjoy and want to engage in today's digital age. Through deliberate and purposeful collaboration, our team approaches every challenge with a set of principles that allow us to take advantage of opportunities that'll launch your business to new heights.

Struggling to find the missing "WOW" moment?

We can help! Reach out! 

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