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Build a Digital Marketing Strategy the Converts Using Sequences


No two businesses have the same exact sequence. There are many factors that play a role in the steps your prospects will take during the customer’s journey.

It’s up to you to do the research to determine their sequence of events. For example, are most of your customers visiting your website after reading your boosted social media posts?

There’s a lot to learn about the behaviors of your paying customers.

However, if you don’t have the time or know how to do this, you can always call Gray Group International. We have teams dedicated to building sequences and marketing strategies around them.


What are sequences?

Sequences are specific steps your target customers will take along their path to purchasing from your brand. For example, it may begin with a 3rd party article about your brand that leads to them clicking on a link to your site.

They browse through your site, download your demo, and then convert after the trial period is over.

Sequences can be long, short, simple or complex. For instance, some customers may find your ad on search engines, click on it, review the product description, and then buy.

Yet, others may have a more complex sequence like this:


  1. Sees several of your posts on social media before following your page
  2. Reads a couple of your blog posts
  3. Browses through your website a couple of times
  4. Shops around for better prices on your product or service
  5. Conducts research to see if your product or service is the best
  6. Finds reviews from past customers
  7. Decides to finally make the purchase


This is why it’s critical to have experts perform the research to build sequences based on your brand’s customers.


Drive customers through the sales funnel

What’s great about sequences is that it empowers your brand to deliver content that’ll help your prospects through the sales funnel.

This allows you to take a proactive approach to helping consumers make the final purchasing decision.

Based on the sequences for a target customer, you may have to develop video demonstrations, e-books, or other marketing collateral to further educate them about their problem and your solution.


Find out your customers’ sequence

It’s not good enough to guess the customer’s journey. If you’re unaware of the of how your customers are finding out about your company and what causes them to make that final purchasing decision, then you’re going in blind.

With sequences, you can shed light on the process so you can make better marketing decisions for your brand.


Ready to learn more about how sequences can benefit your brand? Then call us today to schedule a free consultation!

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