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Data Analysis

Raw data turned into tangible results

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How to Use Data Analysis to Supercharge Your Business’s Growth


90% of top performing businesses reported that analytics was critical to the success of their business? We are here to help you succeed. Conducting proper data analysis will help you develop a proper growth strategy.

You’re trying to use growth hacking to propel your business forward. You need more customers and more revenue to pull this off.

With all the data you’re collecting, you can find out what areas are excelling or failing.

Unfortunately, most business owners and managers lack the understanding to mine through the data.

This is why big data’s now a major issue for companies.There’s more information being collected than businesses know what to do with. So in many cases, they end up ignoring or misusing it.

That’s where a data analysis expert can prove beneficial. The professionals at Gray Group International are experts in growth hacking and data analytics.

Some of what we do:


  • Identify Key Performance Indicators
  • Collect Internal Data
  • Collect External Data
  • Analyze and communicate data


We can help you understand key metrics to focus on — after all, not all data is relevant to your goals. Then we'll develop a strategy using that data to identify changes needed to improve your results.


Using event-based analytics to improve your marketing

It’s not enough to just track your sales. If you don’t know what brought a customer to your site and why, then you can’t duplicate that success.

Every marketing campaign should have proven methods for converting leads into customers.

With event-based analytics, we’re able to see exactly what activities happened and why.

In turn, we can perform experiments to try and create a formula that maximizes results.


Get the best results for your marketing initiatives

Marketing isn’t cheap but it can be if you’re yielding great results. Your return on investment should make marketing an asset, not a liability.

If this isn’t the case for you, then you need a data analysis to see what’s wrong.

We’ll look at everything from your website and content to your social media accounts and PPC ads. You’ll find data analytics can benefit your business in a number of ways. For instance, it can help you with:


  • Making smarter business decisions
  • Finding ways to attract more prospects (and even new prospects)
  • Stay ahead of the curve of changing trends
  • Maintain agility in the market


If you’re ready to learn why you’re not growing as fast as you’d like, then contact Gray Group International today!

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