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At GGI, we identify moments of friction and transform them into unforgettable experiences that drive your business's advocacy and exponential growth.

Our solutions are designed to help align your Sales, Marketing, Service, People, and Technology to allow your company to grow better.


Are you interested in closing deals faster? At GGI, we love working with brands like yours to improve each stage of your sales cycle's effectiveness. Let's grow your sales team's performance by tackling gaps and meeting the needs specific to your company.

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Marketing is a complex ecosystem that hosts different elements that need to work seamlessly to be effective. We're here to help you develop marketing strategies that'll turn your brand's goals into a reality.

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Turning customers into advocates is what we do best. Do your customers get excited every time they interact with you? Do they promote your brand to others?Although these may seem hefty goals with the right approach, your brand will increase customer satisfaction and loyalty.

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Employees are essential components of your business. It's not always easy to figure out how to resolve tensions that may arise regarding teams. Whether you are dealing with communication, organizational, or structural inhibitors we're here to support your team to be their best version.

Kickstart your employee promoter score


Increasing productivity can be tricky even when your team is full of top talent. You need to have the right tools, systems, and automation to take your workflows to another level. There isn't a one-size-fits-all solution for this goal, but we can find out which holistic approach best fits your teams' needs.

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