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Strategic Designer

Eduardo is a strategic, driven, loyal, tenacious and resilient multicultural professional determined to passionately develop and implement designs that improve quality of life. Raised in Japan, United States and El Salvador. 

Eduardo studied Strategic Design, an iterative process that allows flexibility and improvement during any stage of the design development. There is a strong emphasis on producing prototypes, tangible or intangible, which can be implemented in any environment to fulfill the potential users necessity, ultimately allowing him to apply this knowledge to businesses and daily life. 

He has an entertainment company called Walk Entertainment located in El Salvador that focuses on developing future oriented methodologies to ensure innovative and competitive solutions with a multicultural perspective. Its diversified business includes gaming, art, design consultation and experienced in developing brands. Visit his website at www.lifeshectic.com

His hobbies include cooking Japanese and Mediterrean cuisine or visiting museums. He loves to spend his time writing poetry or blogs about his travel experiences. Even when he’s not working on GGI, he’s taking his time to build his dreams into tangible experiences for others to enjoy. He’s already decided that he won’t retire when he gets older. Some might call him a workaholic but he says it’s just a deep passion that drives him. 

From Monday to Friday, Eduardo dedicates the majority of his time to Gray Group International where he develops strategies for each of our partners social media accounts and publicity campaigns. He also lends us his expertise in user experience and user interface to help attract more potential clients by improving the front-end of the Gray Group website. 

The only thing better than finding something you are looking for is finding something you weren’t looking for.
User Experience
Web Design
Strategic Design:
Adobe PhotoProshop and Illustrator
Inbound Marketing