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Improve Sales with Custom Packaging for E-Commerce


Having quality packaging for your products is a no-brainer. Yet, there are some e-commerce brands still cutting costs with cheaply designed boxes and packages.

How does this affect their business? If they’re not careful, they could end up losing lots of customers. Nearly 60% of consumers surveyed said they’d turn to a competitor if they received a damaged package or broken product.

But it’s not just the quality that’s important to e-commerce customers – it’s also the design.


Why design appealing packaging for e-commerce customers

Notable brands like Apple and Sony know the importance of packaging. If you’ve ever purchased a MacBookPro, you can see the amount of planning that goes into the design of the package.

It may come in a suitcase with all the accessories neatly set inside with your new laptop. Premium customers have grown to expect this level of package design for products worth $200 or more.

More than half of premium customers place a higher value on a product with custom packaging. And another 44% say they’ll buy from a brand again that uses custom packaging.

But what’s more is that 37% of premium customers are sharing the images of custom packaging on social media. Surely, you’ve seen a product unboxing on YouTube.


Customizing your product packaging for all customers

It doesn’t matter whether you sell premium products or not – having beautiful custom packaging will set apart your brand. Your products will stick out in the minds of buyers and may entice them to purchase from you again.

At Gray Group International, we work hand-in-hand with e-commerce services to create custom packaging designs. Only 11% of e-commerce customers are happy with the packaging they receive.

This means there’s plenty of room to set your brand apart from the competition. We’ll assist with the color schemes, logos, and even the material of the packages.

Our goal is to ensure your customers receive their products in one piece. We also steer clear of packaging that can be frustrating to open.

Choosing unique features for your packaging design is encouraged to entice customers to open their new product. Just imagine having your products featured in YouTube unboxing videos.

This alone can help boost your traffic and sales.


Start designing your packaging today

If you’re still using generic packaging for your e-commerce products, then it’s time to talk to our experts. We can help you with finding a look that vibes with your brand, as well as its target customers.

Our professionals will analyze your products and help you decide on the best design based on your customers wants and needs.

Our packaging services focuses on not only design but also practicality.


Ready to get started? Then contact us today for a free consultation!

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