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Social Advertising

Ads for people who want them

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Attract the Attention of Your Audience Using Social Ads


Billions of users are on social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram. But how do you gain the attention of specific users who may be interested in your product or service?

With social ads, you can create campaigns that are geared specifically towards your customers and prospects.

If you’ve never created a social ad campaign, the experts at Gray Group International can help. We take the proper steps to make your social media advertisements convert.


This includes:


  • Conducting keyword analyses
  • Researching your target customers
  • Creating marketing personas
  • A/B split testing campaigns
  • And more


Our experts have industry-leading tools to create, monitor, and track your social ad campaigns.


Create highly-targeted campaigns to boost conversions

Each time someone clicks on your ad, you pay. How can you generate a return on investment (ROI) if you’re getting too many non-converting clicks?

While it’s impossible to ensure every click turns into a conversion, there is a way to weed out the non-converters from the high-potential converters.

By focusing on highly-targeted keywords, demographics, and other key data, you can ensure your ads only show up to individuals who are likely interested in your offer.

We have professionals who can help you with developing a campaign that’s highly-targeted to increase conversion rates.


Build leads for your email campaign

There are various types of ads you can show on social media networks. This includes boosted posts, which promotes the content you create on your brand page.

This is helpful in getting more attention to your blog. If you’re trying to gather more leads for your email campaign, then this is a great way to drive them to your site.

These also should be targeted at specific groups of people, since you pay by the impression. Once you reach your limit, the post is no longer “boosted” until you pay again.

Another way to increase your subscriber list is to include a “Subscribe Now” button on your social media brand page.


Increase brand visibility

However you decide to use social media advertising, it should help to enhance your brand’s visibility. The ads you create can and should vary.

For instance, you can use some ads to promote:

  • Limited time offers and sales
  • New products or services
  • Blog content
  • Events


Gray Group International can design and execute your social advertising strategy to ensure your ad campaigns generate the results you’re looking for.


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Technology Solutions

We’re proud to be able to work with the best partners and use the best tools for our needs and those of our clients. Using the most powerful tools allows us to provide the most impactful results which are what matters most.

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Our talented team of marketers and designers will make sure that each piece of content we create revolves around your clients. This requires a lot of research and experimentation before we deliver award-winning material that will leverage your business in the market. Our lookbooks are created through a customer-centered strategy with the sole purpose of increasing your sales and client database.

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Influencer Marketing

In the highly social landscape that the internet is nowadays, influencers can help a business reach new heights. We become a liaison between your brand and the influencers that can help you communicate an effective and targeted message to the audience or niche you choose.

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