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Persona Marketing

Take Aim at your defined target

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Why Persona Marketing is the Future of Brand Marketing


If you’ve ever taken a course in advertising, you’ll learn the importance of customer personas. These personas are what you use to develop personalized messaging for your marketing campaigns.

This boosts the chances of your audience reacting to your marketing messages in a positive way (aka converting).

At Gray Group International, we offer persona marketing services. We perform thorough research on your customers to ensure your marketing is personalized to them specifically.


Gain more targeted traffic to your business

The first step to growing your business is attracting your target customers. It doesn’t make sense to send out broad messaging with the hopes someone will come to your brand and buy.

That’s like casting a large net in a school of tuna, hoping to catch the “big one.” The odds are simply against you.

Instead, you should do your research, find who your target customers are, what they want/need, and where they are on the web.

This way, you can design a strategy that lures them into your site. The professionals at Gray Group International are experts in finding and delivering targeted traffic to our client’s sites.

We do this by using:

  • In-depth keyword research
  • Content marketing
  • Data analytics
  • Email marketing
  • PPC advertising
  • And more


Gray Group International has the tools and knowledge to develop a strategy that targets key customer personas.


Increase your conversion rates

Once you start using persona marketing, you can see the difference in your conversion rates. They’ll start to creep higher and higher as your core audience finds your product or service.

We ensure this by crafting persona marketing campaigns geared at each of your customer types. This includes having multiple ads and emails created specifically for each persona.

For example, your messaging to stay-at-home moms would be a lot different than your messaging for business professionals. Their needs are different so you’ll need to address those accordingly.


Establish your brand as an authority

When you know who your audience is, you have a better chance of finding ways to appeal to and appease them. With persona marketing, you can dive deeper into who your customers are and what they’re looking for from your brand.

This takes careful research, experimentation, and even getting into discussions with your target prospects.

Once you have your strategy, you can deliver content that your audience will find amazing and valuable. This will, in turn, help to establish your authority in the industry.


Interested in learning how persona marketing can boost your conversions? Then contact us now!

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