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Why Newsletters Should Be a Part of Your Digital Marketing Strategy


Have you ever opened your inbox and found a newsletter from one of your favorite brands offering a special discount to you for being a loyal follower?

It’s a great feeling, especially when the offer’s personalized to your needs. For instance, it may be a coupon for a clothing item you looked at recently.

That’s exactly what you have to do to make your newsletters pop. If you’re worried about low email open rates and conversion rates, we can help.

Gray Group International is a full-service digital marketing company with a specialty in newsletter design and implementation.

We’ll analyze your target customers and develop a campaign that will attract and engage them.


Boost your customer retention rate

Past customers are your biggest asset as a company. Not only are they more likely to buy from you again – but they also spend twice as much as average customers and can later on become advocates for your brand bringing in new customers. 

This is why it’s critical to capture emails from customers so you can nurture them into coming back again.

There are a number of ways you can use your newsletter to retain past customers. For example, you can consistently deliver emails with.


  • Personalized offers
  • Discount codes
  • Free shipping
  • Free downloads (e-book, guide, report, etc.)
  • Insider tips and tricks


The key is to identify what your audience is looking for so you can build email campaigns that they’ll find intriguing. Remember, people want to feel understood, so bringing the right content for their needs is crucial.


Increase your conversions and revenue

Newsletters aren’t only great for customers, they’re also great for prospects. If you can capture leads who leave your site before checking out, you can send emails to entice them to return.

Newsletters are a part of lead nurturing, which help push prospects through the sales funnel. With a great campaign, you can potentially turn more visitors into paying customers.

If you’re not familiar with how this is done, don't stress! We can help you.


Start designing your newsletter campaign

Gray Group International doesn’t just offer graphic design and content writing for your newsletters. We also conduct market analyses and customer research. This way, your campaigns are highly-targeted and personalized.

We can provide you with an all-around digital marketing strategy that includes content marketing, social media marketing, and digital advertising. All of this done through the Inbound Methodology.

If you’re serious about boosting your conversions and sales, then newsletters are a must. Contact us today to find out more!

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