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Lead Nurturing

Timely, Efficient, Targeted way of connecting with your contacts

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Use Lead Nurturing to Increase Conversion Rates


Leads are everything to a business so why not proactively engage with them to ensure they reach the end of the sales funnel?

Businesses that aren’t implementing lead nurturing are leaving their conversions up to chance.

This isn’t a smart decision – so don’t make the same mistake.

Gray Group International can help you develop a lead nurturing campaign to boost conversions. We do this by offering:


  • Content marketing
  • Newsletter marketing
  • Persona marketing
  • Search engine marketing
  • Social media marketing
  • Web development


These are just some of the services we offer that enable us to take your campaigns and turn them into converting machines. We use different and specific tactics depending on the buyer's lifecycle stage. Every strategy we develop is specifically designed for the awareness, consideration or decision stage, that way we are ensuring that we are providing the right content at the appropriate time.


Using blogs to attract leads

The first step in a lead nurturing campaign is to attract leads to your website. What better way to do so than with content your audience will find engaging and relevant to their needs?

The experts at Gray Group International can develop a content marketing strategy specifically for this purpose. We dive into the analytics behind your brand, product or service, and target customers.

Once we understand what your customers are looking for and the solutions your brand offers, we can formulate a strategy that showcases this to your prospects.

In turn, this will help attract more leads.


Using email to re-engage leads

Capturing information on leads, such as their name and email, can greatly help in your nurturing campaign. With these details, you can consistently reach out to leads to re-engage them with your brand.

You can introduce a slow-drip campaign that delivers valuable content all the while soft-selling your products or services.

The key is to educate your audience so they can be empowered to make a final purchasing decision. With email marketing, you can ensure your brand stays at the forefront of their minds when it comes time to do so.


Using video to seal the deal

Once you educate and empower your leads, it’s time to close the deal. Video is a powerful way to deliver this final piece of content.

In these videos, you can provide case studies and testimonials to show why and how your product or service is worth buying. You can also use videos to show product demonstrations.


Develop content for every stage of the sales funnel

With content for every stage of the buyer’s journey, you can nurture leads into paying customers. But the only way to achieve this is with a proven strategy.

Remember, get to know your client, understand their needs, provide them with appropriate content in regards of those needs, send that content through the right channels and at the right time, close a sale and keep in touch with your customer after the sale with great customer service.


Eager to know more about lead nurturing for your brand? Reach out and we'll be happy to assist!

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Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation is a tool that nurtures leads into the middle of the funnel. Learn how to engage with leads through personalized, relevant content that aligns with what they are looking for. All of this done through an automated platform that will save you time and money.

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Trust is the cornerstone of your relationship with your customers. And, surprisingly enough, content that is both relevant and engaging for your audience helps you build trust with them. By creating engaging content that is relevant for the created personas, you can bridge the gap between your industry (and specifically your company) and its clients and customers.

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Product Sourcing

We are experts at sourcing products from third parties, meaning we will find the right fit for your brand and your client.  From shipping to returns, down to creating memorable unboxing experiences that even we crave. Your clients will be amazed and excited to engage with your product unlike ever before.

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