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Conversion Rate Optimization

Convert your goals into revenue

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Don’t Overlook the Power of Conversion Rate Optimization.


A lot of attention goes to Search Engine Optimization. While this is critical to getting found in the search engine results pages (SERPs), it’s not going to guarantee conversions.

This is a big mistake countless businesses make when developing their digital marketing strategies. At Gray Group International, we use a well-rounded marketing strategy to boost your online traffic and conversions.

Because at the end of the day, it’s all about revenue and ROI.

With CRO you'll be able to gain better insights from your audience, increase your ROI, grow your audience by turning leads into clients. CRO will also help improve your site’s user experience which will get prospects to stick around and trust you enough to buy from you.

An important aspect that should always be considered in your CRO efforts are Key Performance Indicators or KPIs. Knowing how to set proper KPIs and how to measure them will give you an understanding of the type and amount of conversions you're getting and how to properly adjust your marketing efforts to improve the areas that are not converting.


Delivering a great customer experience

Now, there are several ways we help businesses convert more visitors. One way is to improve the customer experience. This is a multi-faceted approach that encompasses all stages of the buyer’s journey.

We help guide companies through this journey to ensure that customers are happy every step of the way. This may include implementing engaging content, integrating social media, rebuilding your website, and more.

Whatever it takes to improve the user experience with your brand – we’ve got it covered.

We even offer experiential marketing services for your offline campaigns. This is known to boost engagement and conversions at local events. If you’d like to learn more about improving the customer experience, reach out to us today!


Delivering content that’s relevant and valuable

At Gray Group International we follow the principle that "Content is King" Your content is one of the key pieces in the conversion puzzle. This is what drives targeted traffic to your site. With thorough keyword analysis, you can ensure your pages are optimized for search engines, as well as conversions.

Remember, using highly-targeted keywords weeds out the uninterested parties who are less likely to convert.

Then crafting engaging content that resonates with the questions, pain points, and concerns your audience has will inch them closer to a conversion.

Let us help you  develop a content marketing strategy that allows you to boost your authority and trust as a brand. Our aim is to deliver content that your audience will find valuable and engaging.


Get more conversions for your business

Is it time to optimize your marketing collateral for conversions? Gray Group International is here to help. Our digital marketing services are proven to help businesses drive better traffic and higher conversions.

We incorporate multiple components into your marketing strategy to maximize traffic from targeted audiences. This is what helps boost your conversions — getting more attention from those looking for the product or service your brand offers.


Find out more about how we can help your business do the same – call us today!

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Data Analysis

This type of analysis will take raw data and transform it into useful information that will be the basis and foundation for future business growth. Data analysis is frequently associated with exhaustive numbers and metrics but we will provide you with a few process-oriented steps to help run this process smoothly.

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Event Marketing

Event Marketing is a powerful engagement tool for your brand. We plan your event from start to finish focusing on one main goal: Leveraging human connection. All of our marketing strategies are built with the client in the middle of the equation, we want to make sure they are being treated as a human being with real emotions and we want your brand to be recognized as a caretaker by your clients.

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Your packaging is a part of your branding – what does yours say about your business? With custom packaging, you can bring excitement to home deliveries. Find out how we can help here.

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