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Content Creator

Daniel is our content creator! He’s in charge of capturing stills and video that tells an engaging story for our partners. He likes to bring it when on location for content development, likes to communicate internally and with partners to make sure the execution is great and enjoys meeting people. Things that are done by him are done with passion.

He is self taught and his passion for content creation started when he first bought a camera late 2016 and started taking portraits. Within that first year and a half he would work, network and collaborate with other creatives, do constant research to better acquaint himself with his gear/software, challenge his creativity when doing portraits and conduct shoots 4 to 5 times a week. Due to the constant discipline and effort given, he learned a lot at a speedy rate and became known within the creative community. After the first year and a half, he expanded his quality of work by learning how to retouch and push the elements of color grading and color manipulation. Daniel prides himself with his work and even though it takes hours to edit one image due to new quality standards, he wouldn’t have it any other way. 

Aside from content creating, he has many hobbies such as challenging himself at the gym, investing ideas at GGI, hiking, traveling, growing his freelance business/Instagram page, spirituality and helping others. Each time Daniel takes a trip to another city, it helps him grow as a person and reflect. Daniel strongly believes that everything comes from the mind and spirit thus the body follows so he makes sure to catch up with himself and wind down.

Life is about your perspective, approach, and reaction. Change one to change your life.
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