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Successful planning through storytelling

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How Storyboarding Can Streamline Your Marketing Strategy


It doesn’t matter if you’re creating a series of blog posts or videos. Having an idea of where you’re starting and ending is vital to making the process seamless and engaging.

If your blog is filled with random blog posts, this shows disorganization in your content marketing strategy. And the same goes for your vlogs or video series.

With storyboarding, you can brainstorm exactly what you’re going to talk about in each post you create. When done right, you should have a content calendar that’s filled for months.

Not sure how to create a storyboard, let alone a content calendar? We can help. The creative marketing team at Gray Group International can assist with your content management.


Solving your customers' problems

Your content is a form of marketing. It’s a more humane approach to soft-selling your product or service. And when done right, your customers don’t know they’ve been marketed to – they believe they made the decision to buy all on their own.

But in order to convince your audience to convert, you need content that’s touching on their pain points and delivering solutions.

All of the solutions you offer doesn’t have to be offered by you.

You’ll find major brands aren’t intimidated by mentioning products or services offered by others (as long as they’re not direct competitors).

Gray Group has skilled content marketers that can help with researching your customers. This way, all of the content in your storyboard revolve around these issues.


Increasing conversions with email marketing

Another way to use storyboarding is for your email marketing. You can use storyboarding to plan out months worth of drip email campaigns to drive consumers down the sales funnel.

You can have one campaign for converting prospects and another for getting customers to return.

Storyboarding is beneficial in multiple areas of marketing, including:


  • Content marketing
  • Email marketing
  • Video marketing
  • PPC ad campaigns


Without storyboarding, your campaigns will be all over the place. And you’ll have a much harder time converting leads.


Use professional storyboarding services

Maybe creative marketing isn’t your forte. If that’s so, then you can always hire a team of experts to handle your content campaigns.

Everything we do at Gray Group International is intended to help your business grow. Storyboarding is just one of those things we are great at and that will surely bring tangible results to your overall business efforts. It doesn't matter what type of industry your'e at, we can adapt storyboarding to your brand.

We specialize in everything to do with creative marketing, including storyboarding, content marketing, and advertising.


Get in touch with us today to consult about organizing your campaign with storyboarding!

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Software Integrations

We are experts who can support your team by helping software adoption be a smooth process for all. From those we recommend and use like Hubspot and Sprout Social, to any other tools your business might need to achieve your goals. Let us help you streamline the process to take your business to the next level.

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Template Design

There is nothing more appealing to a customer than a brand’s originality. Our incredibly passionate designers will create memorable designs for your templates that spill out the uniqueness of your brand.

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Sequences are a powerful automated tool that helps you nurture a prospect over time. With the implementation of sequences, you'll be able to send contacts a series of templates at specified intervals, automatically end the sequence when a contact replies to an email, customize any of the templates in the sequence when you enroll individual contacts and allow contacts to unsubscribe from your sequence emails.

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