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Event Marketing

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Event Marketing: How to Generate Buzz for Your Upcoming Event


Imagine planning a live event for months, only to find a handful of attendees show up. All the money, time, and effort spent on this event are now wasted.
As well as with experiential marketing, event marketing can be tough and time-consuming but is also a powerful engagement tool for your brand if you know how to implement it and promote it to the right audience.

Don’t let this happen to you. It’s not enough to plan an event – if you’re not going to market the heck out of it, then it’s likely going to be a bust.

How you go about marketing your event is critical to generating enough buzz to make it a doorbuster event.

At Gray Group International, we help brands with event marketing to ensure the maximum turnout.


Using social media and newsletters to build awareness

One way we help clients with event marketing is by creating a social media marketing campaigns. This works for both web events and live events. Keep in mind that consumers nowadays spend around 80% of their time on social media so reaching them where they spend most of their time sounds like the most logical path to take.

There are several ways we use social media to pull this off. For example, on Facebook, you can create an event that followers can see. Users are able to check whether they’re going or thinking about going.

Not only does this create awareness, but it also helps the business to determine how many people are likely to come.

We also use social advertisements and post boosting to create buzz among groups who aren’t followers of the brand hosting the event.

Another method our experts use to build buzz for your event is using newsletters. We broadcast the event to your current subscriber list over the course of months.

Remember that newsletters are a powerful digital marketing technique that will ensure you reach the right people at the right right time and is something that will boost your event marketing.


Delivering a memorable experience at your event

Our experts don’t stop at advertising your event – we also work hard to make your event the best experience.

We can do this by employing experiential marketing tactics to engage your audience. This is a popular option today because it effectively markets the brand’s products or services.


This can be done using:


  • Virtual reality
  • Product demonstrations
  • Audio and visual integrations


Learn more about event marketing

Event marketing should be handled by experts. This way, you can focus on planning your event and running your daily operations.

Outsourcing event planning to digital marketing experts like us will not only help you create engaging and memory-lasting events to your audience but will help you promote the event without major investment, solidifying your ROI every time.

The professionals at Gray Group International are experienced in event marketing and can help you get the best outcome for your event.


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