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Conversational Marketing

We turn conversations into long-lasting relationships

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Get Personal with Consumers Using Conversational Marketing


Consumers today are savvy – they know when they’re being advertised to and they hate it. It’s like you’re insulting their intelligence.

Telling someone what’s right for them is the wrong way to go about selling your products or services. Instead, consumers want you to inform them so they can make their own purchasing decisions.

Again, today’s shoppers are research-heavy when it comes time to buy. If you’re not using conversational marketing to deliver the information they want, then they’re not interested.

The experts at Gray Group International offers conversational marketing services that can help you achieve this.
We use powerful tools that will optimize the conversations in the channels that your audience prefers.


Some of what we do:


  • Goal definition
  • Strategy Implementation
  • Chatbot creation and management
  • Technology Integration Strategies
  • CRM integration


What is conversational marketing?

A lot of brands are using outdated marketing techniques to build awareness for their products and services. One-way forms of communication, such as commercials, billboards, and radio ads aren’t enough anymore.

Customers are looking to have conversations with brands. This is why you find blogs, forums, and social media becoming a popular medium for customer service.

Consumers want real-time interaction with brands and they’re looking for real-time responses.


Being there for consumers when they need you

What sets apart mom and pop shops from the major corporations? They remember your name, products you like, and even make small talk with you.

These smaller businesses do an excellent job of delivering a personalized experience each and every time.

If your brand can do this via the web, you can potentially earn yourself a ton of business. And if you play your cards right, you can turn customers into loyal fans and brand advocates.

There are different ways you can make yourself available to customers. Social media and online chat are two popular options today.


Delivering a personal experience

How do brands deliver a personal experience to consumers? You can find this being done by various companies today.

It’s why you now have brands emailing you with special deals on products related to purchases you made in the past. This beats sending out an email blast with the same offers to your entire subscriber list.

Your conversion rates rise when you use the data you collect during each interaction they have with your brand. This includes where they live in the world, their gender, purchase history, favorited items, and so on.

Use this data to personalize the offers you make in all of your marketing collateral.

Are you ready to take your marketing to the next level? Then conversational marketing is a must.


Contact us today to learn how we can help implement this form of marketing into your overall digital marketing strategy.

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