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Stand out and stand apart through visual content

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Why is Branding Important?


When you want to buy a phone, which brands come to mind? Apple, Samsung, LG? How about if you want to buy a stove? GE, Kenmore, and KitchenAid?

While driving down the road, if you see large golden arches or the burger with a crown, you know exactly what the company is.

All of this shows how branding can affect a consumer's way of thinking. Branding done right can have consumers choosing your business whenever they need the product or service you offer.

And anytime they see your logo, they’ll know it’s you. The purpose of branding is to make your business stick in the minds of customers. There are various ways to achieve this, such as with:


  • A unique logo
  • Memorable tagline
  • Catchy jingles
  • Appealing color schemes
  • Being relatable (language, message, etc)


If you don’t have a brand strategy in place, then contact us now to start designing one!


Designing a memorable logo and marketing collateral

Logo design and color palates are one part of the branding process. This is the visual aspect of branding, which will help differentiate your brand from competitors.

You’ll find some companies going as far as to look into color psychology to select shades that showcase trust or that entices hunger.

Whatever you decide to use, it’s important that your colors are consistent so consumers link them to your brand.

At Gray Group International, we use various methods to come up with the best logo design and colors for your business and marketing materials.


Developing your core brand message

What is it about your restaurant, hotel, realty, or bank that sets it apart from all the others? Why should consumers choose you over competitors?

Consumers aren’t always leaning towards the best price either. They look for brands that resonate with their core values. And that offers a great customer experience.

This is why you’ll find customers who are willing to return to businesses and spend more money with the company that delivers a grand experience.

Your brand message can revolve around making life easier, offering a faster service, or giving the best value.

The branding experts at Gray Group International can help you with developing your branding message, image, and delivery.

We’ll help you define your brand’s visual identity through beautiful but pragmatic design. If you already have a strong visual identity, we can build upon it to create an outstanding digital presence through branded visuals and designs.

No matter the need our branding experts can help you take your brand to the next level.
Some of what we do:


  • Defining the Brand
  • Conceptualization
  • Creating Visual Identity
  • Applying Visual Identity
  • Brand Book
  • Corporate Identity


If you’d like to get started with developing your brand, then get in touch with our experts today!

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