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Is Blogging the Answer to Your Traffic and Conversion Woes?


For a lot of companies, the answer is yes. Consumers aren’t just looking for products and services, they’re looking for information.

And where they’re looking to get it from is Google and other search engines. If you’re blogging consistently and optimizing your content, then you have a higher chance of being found in the search results.

But keywords alone won’t convert your visitors into buyers. You need content that’s relevant, engaging, and valuable.

Writing blogs is a crucial piece to get organic traffic into your website. 
Our talented writers will help you identify the right keywords and create content that is relevant to your audience and that reaches them in the right buyer's journey stage.

Our strategists will also make sure to get inbound links to your blog posts and make them more visible in SERPs.


Offer solutions to your audience and they’ll likely buy

When visitors come to your blog, what are they searching for? Will they find it on your site?

It’s important to do research to see what issues your target customers have. Your content should help them learn about their problem and possible solutions they can use.

The content should be relevant to them, as well as your business. This way, they can look for and find the solution right on your site.

This is a popular method for attracting and converting traffic.


Relate to your audience and they’ll likely stay

It’s important for your content to resonate with your audience. This includes the tone, word choice, and topics.

If visitors come to your blog and they can’t understand what you’re saying because it’s overly technical or talks on topics they don’t care for, then they’ll leave.

Google and other search engines will detect your bounce rate increase, which will hurt your ranking. No amount of optimization can stop this.


Promote your blog posts to drive more traffic

There are a number of tactics that we use to promote our clients blog posts. You don’t want to rely solely on search engines to drive traffic to your site. It’s important to also use other promotional methods to get the word out.

Social media is a popular choice because it’s where a lot of people spend time each day. You can post a link to your newest blog posts on your social media pages.

But don’t just leave it at that – engage with your audience and start conversations. Maybe even offer up a link to a blog post that can help with a problem they’re having.

You can also do this on forums.

If all of this sounds like too much, then why not enlist the help of content marketing experts? Gray Group International works with companies like yours in developing blogging strategies.

Let us help you transform your blog into a sales tool!


Contact us today to see how we can help drive more traffic to your blog!

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