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Playing the LinkedIn Game [Your Ultimate Guide]

Tiago Santana
Dec 10, 2018 9:00:00 AM

I want to start by saying that I don’t think the game is terrible.

I believe in living at cause.

For those, Rapport Leadership International, Master Graduates, we know that when you live at cause, life is a game.

You are at choice, and I hope through this article, you can allow yourself to have fun, be a little outrageous, and get one step closer towards mastery over your life.

In this post, we will cover the top 7 things to keep in mind while putting together a winning LinkedIn strategy for you and your business.

The wicked world of social media can be a fun and twisted game.

If you are an entrepreneur or creator of any sort, you can probably relate; this leads us to number 1.

1. Embrace your fears.beach-enjoyment-fun-317061

I find that no matter who you are, we are all working through some personal challenge.

Many of us struggle with the need to be perfect, self-doubt, and whole other slew of insecurities, whether we are able to admit it or not.

For instance, I am currently obsessing about every word in this blog…


I’m not sure.

“Just keep writing,” I keep telling myself.

Truly, though.

Just focus and do it.

As Tony Robbins says in his incredible book, Unlimited Power, “There is no weakness, only results.”

Therefore, unless I write this article and publish it, I won’t get the result I’m looking to achieve.

So no matter how fearful you feel, do it.

It’ll help you get one step closer towards reaching your goals.

Get over the fear of caring about how you will look. You can work on improving your results as you go.

There is no better way for an entrepreneur to build incredible relationships both online and in person than through Linkedin in 2019.

What do you have to offer?

What is unique about your experiences?

People want to know.

I want to know…



Especially if publishing your creations scare you.

The best things life have to offer live on the opposite side of fear.
What do you have to lose if you allow yourself to step out of your comfort zone?


It’s so cheesy, but so true.

You’ll get stronger, more capable, and more prepared for the next uncomfortable thing that the game of life throws your way.

2. Professionalism is excellent; relationships are what matter — those who give, gain.beautiful-beautiful-flowers-bloom-424670

Linkedin is an incredible professional, fun and useful tool that helps connect and educate user worldwide.

However, the reality is that you must focus on building positive and long-lasting relationships.

I can’t tell you how often I feel the need to remind myself and others that LinkedIn is best when you make a significant and authentic effort to connect and learn on a mutual level.

If you seek out a one sided relationship, it doesn’t matter how professional and accomplished you make yourself out to be.

You must give value.

Yes, a profile is essential.

A clear picture too.

We all know.

We’ve read a million and two blogs about all the things you need on LinkedIn profiles.

Trust me; a quick google search will find you plenty.

And this article will cover a few things too.

What you want to focus on is meeting and connecting with people you can help.

How can you give your talents to someone else?

How can you help them get one day better each day?

Remember, those who give, gain.

3. Be vulnerable

Like life, social media use and success of any sort requires an unprecedented amount of vulnerability.

I’ll explain.

The top channels on any social platform all have several significant factors in common.

Beyond creating authentic, consistent, creative, helpful, and enjoyable content, things are going on behind the scenes that most people don’t know.

Many times we get in our way and because of many reasons we forget that vulnerability is key to growth.

There are a set number of things you should do to thrive on any social platform.

You must share with your audience and help them follow and learn from your experiences.

“It’s good to learn from your mistakes. It’s better to learn from other people’s mistakes.” - Warren Buffett.

If you are vulnerable to allow people to learn from you, you begin to let yourself learn from others.

When you do this, you begin to understand how to be unstoppable.

Always keep learning.

If you didn’t know…

LinkedIn has an incredible learning center, and I love using it to watch videos at the end of the day.

Check it out.

4. Create a robust LinkedIn profile

Verify contact information: making sure that you are using up to date contact information allows you to receive critical alerts and makes it easy for potential prospects to know how to reach you.

Use a professional photo: distorted and blurry images do not make a good impression. Personal profiles should use clear headshots while business profiles deserve clear business logos.

  • Fill in everything: Do your best to fill in as much information as you can while being clear and concise. By having a complete and optimized profile, you can make sure to make the best of the available features.
  • Experience: Always do your best to list experience starting with the most current. In the description include results-oriented information that shows how you thrived in previous and current positions .
  • Skills: In order of expertise, allow viewers to know what and how they can reach out to you for help. Allow yourself to showcase your strengths here.
  • Education: Not only will it help you brag about your MBA; it will help you make valuable connections within related LinkedIn communities.
  • Summary: Show us who you are. People want to get a sense of your personality, accomplishments, and the experiences you’ve had. Allow yourself to share your goals and remind people how you can help them and how they can help you.
  • Headline: Take advantage of this. Most people do not know this is the #1 search criteria other than name and email on LinkedIn. Optimizing for keywords and a clear headline helps you show up more often.
  • Contact info: Make sure your current and updated contact information is included in your profile so that people can contact you.
  • Create a personalized URL: A personalized URL will help you have a recognizable and useable link that can be easily shared.

Update cover photo, double check and check again, Ask someone to look over it, Use video, Add publications, Create a Portfolio.

Linkedin is not like any other social media, don’t forget:

Be authentic.

You’d be surprised at how easy it is to connect with people anywhere in the world when you know how to build valuable relationships.achievement-adult-business-937481

5. Don’t treat LinkedIn like other social media

LinkedIn is for professionals—period.

“Blasting out a million connection requests to people you don’t know, joining a group and immediately asking for help, trolling on posts like this is Facebook or Twitter—these are all the hallmarks of someone who doesn’t know or want to know how to use LinkedIn for professional development,” Wheaton said. “There is a lower tolerance for nonsense on LinkedIn.  No one is there to waste time.”

With that being said, I would recommend making sure that you post frequent, valuable, and educational information.

Consider getting your entire company to share posts from the company, from the founder, and company blog posts.

There is a lot of value in building positive employee advocacy online.

It helps businesses and teams get ideas from others, while also creating value from your own company culture.

In today’s world, there are so many ways to create high-value content.

By focussing on areas of expertise, you can build value and help more users gain awareness of your brand and product in a way that is non-intrusive and embraces an inbound methodology.

If you’re not familiar with inbound, i’d love to chat.

“We live in an inbound world.” - Violeta Morales, Growth Hacker, GGI

6. Earn the attention

We live in a world built on an attention economy.

The other day I was reading about how billboards have made a significant come back due to increases in digital audience analytics.

The reality is that most people can pay to get in the results of search or on a feed while you’re scrolling facebook.

In 2019, people are getting smarter.

Audiences understand better.

Therefore, media is adapting.

You should too.

People are more likely to engage more positively if you earn their attention by delivering valuable, resourceful, and actionable content.

Allow yourself to be adaptable and learn from your audience so that you know how to keep them engaged and enjoying your content.

Consider the importance of being personal and having conversations that give them a piece of who you are and your expertise.

As mentioned, posting often is a great way to get attention.

You may also want to consider leveraging existing groups, starting your own group or advertising on Linkedin.

Regardless, don’t forget the more you do to earn and build valuable relationships, the better off you’ll be in the long run.

7. Built for valuearchitect-architecture-build-1109541

LinkedIn’s algorithm is no secret.

The goal is to keep the quality high and spam low.

Writing valuable content is priceless.

Like most social media apps these days, the algorithm does test for initial engagement.

Are you getting your audience to share their views and contribute to what you share with your community?

You must know whom you are talking to so that your posts don’t lose relevance and end up reaching less and fewer people.

If you want to win at social media in 2019, you must create valuable, sustainable and consistent content.

A magnificent approach to doing so, is through video.

You may want to hop back up to item number 3 from this post if that scares you.

Allows yourself to be the expert that your connections need from your industry.

Be there as a thought leader and teacher when people most need you.

Doing this will help make sure that your posts are seen and that users in additional networks can interact with your message.

If you’re looking to grow your online presence and interact with the millions of online users that need your help daily, consider what you are currently doing to drive growth to your business.

Is it working?

If you are needing some help or would like to bounce around some ideas about growth in your business.

I’d love to help you.

Let’s do what LinkedIn’s made for and connect.

Reach out to me and schedule some time for us to meet over Zoom.

I love helping businesses grow by finding gaps in their sales, marketing, and customer service efforts.

Our family of passionate, committed, and fearless risk takers seek to create innovative solutions that drive impactful results to our partners through deep, long-lasting relationships that are built on a foundation of trust, purposeful work, and enthusiasm.

We take advantage of world-leading technology, embrace our differences, and challenge the status quo.

Through an ideology that givers gain immensely, we seek to become an extension of your company.

We deliver strong assets that shape and elevate your brand's’ story.

We happen to be phenomenal at marketing. #weareGGI

When you’re ready to talk growth let me know.

Hope I gave you something to think about and do.

With kindness,

Tiago Santana


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