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How to Grow Your Business In The Digital Age [Not a Guide]

Tiago Santana
Jan 18, 2019 6:56:14 AM

It’s 2019.

The more that time passes, the more I realize that time is fleeting.

I’m no scientist, but I genuinely believe that the idea of growth is rooted in our core.

As human beings, we are designed to grow.

To evolve.

To become better.

To learn.

I recently read this great book called “Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself: How to lose your mind and create a new one” by Dr. Joe Dispenza.

A great friend recommended it to me.

It has honestly changed my life.

I then proceeded to listen to the audiobook, “Polishing The Mirror: How to Live From Your Spiritual Heart.” by Ram Dass.

I must say...

They've helped open a gate to a more conscious and purposeful life that has helped me immensely.

Since these readings, I’ve been on a mission to read more and listen to more audiobooks than I ever have in my life.

Please leave your favorite books in the comments below.

I can't stop reading or adding books to my list.

Let's get real though.

How does anyone even keep up?

We all know it can be tough growing your business in the digital age.

The harsh reality is that it’s tough to keep up.

I hate to break it you, but you probably won't.  

Also, in a world of everlasting FOMO…

I find it more important than ever that I keep some essential things consistently in the back of mind.

Here are a few core principles that I do my best to practice in my life and in my business that continue to help me grow my businesses.  

1. Keep it simple

If you’re anything like me, you have probably found yourself overthinking a thing or two.

Often this causes people to overcomplicate things.

If we want things to work well online, in life or our business, we must keep things simple.

For example:

If you are selling online this year (I'd recommend it).

The goal should always be:

“How can we be the easiest person to buy from?”

Keep it simple.

Build from there.

2. Take Risksaccomplishment-adult-adventure-372098

Have you ever heard that “magic happens outside of your comfort zone?”

 It’s hard to admit, but it’s true.

Lean into your discomfort.It would be best if you played the game to win.

I find the idea of putting yourself in a position that challenges you to be incredibly enticing.

From my experience, to do this, you must take risks and do more.

Do more things that you’ve never done before.



Take risks.

When you do, you get to experience the umami of life.

Doesn't it taste good?

Would you like some?

3. Focus on Impact    

Believe it or not, frogs taste delicious.

Frogs can have a bit of bitter taste up front.However, are often accompanied by a with a sweet, overwhelmingly delicious aftertaste.


Have you ever had one?

You probably have several sitting in your inbox right now.

Frogs are those things that you’ve been staring at in your life that must get done, but for some reason, you are drained just at the idea of thinking about doing whatever it is that you have now realized is a frog in your life.

Fry that little guy and eat it with sriracha.

Just focus, and do it.

Make the most out of your life and do what makes the most impact.

In a world where there is always a million and one “things to do” I challenge you to be rigorous about how you manage your time.

Be a leader in your life.

Do it for your people.

Remember, the more the entire organization understands what is important and why.

The more likely everyone will work to get things across the finish line on time in a manner that follows your organizational vision.

As a startup, I know that it’s more important than ever that we focus on the things that drive the most results.

4. Be willing to change.

Things are going to go wrong.

So you’re going to be forced to adapt, whether you like it or not.

The ability to adapt is a skill that benefits entrepreneurs, students, and anyone with a pulse.

It’s a funky game called "Life."

If you want to thrive in this digital age, you must be willing to change.

Don't be Sears.

Sadly, most people don’t like change.

People often don’t like change because they aren’t good at dealing with it.

“You changed.”

Maybe you’ve heard this before.

My response is always.


I want to evolve.

I want to grow.

It’s like a muscle.

The more I work it.

The stronger it gets.

It’s okay to change.

In fact, with the world moving as fast as it does, you probably want to change so that your business can meet the demands of the incredibly exciting landscape that we get to be a part of today.

Be willing to change.

I dare you.

If you do what you’ve always done, you will get what you’ve always gotten.

If you want to change your results, change your approach.

5. What trees?adventure-cold-country-358046

I once read somewhere an example that I found very helpful.

Picture a skier preparing to go down the esteemed “Christmas Tree” run in Steamboat Springs, Colorado; a steep, backcountry slope, filled with trees.

(Hence the name)

Not to mention the trek that it takes a group to get to the starting point of this slope, think for a second about what it must feel like as the skier prepares to start their run.

As they are zooming through the trees, the only thing that the skier focusses on is the clear path.

They don’t even see the tree.

Focus on the path.

We all have trees in our lives, and it’s up to us to decide how we want to make it down the hill.

Do you think that if the skier were to focus on the trees on their way down they would be able to make it down as well as the skier who concentrated on the clear path ahead?

The reality is, we get what we focus on.

If you’re not satisfied with the results in your life,  ask yourself:

Do you focus on the trees or on the path?

Be grateful that you’ve made it this far.

Only you know what you’ve been through.

If you’ve found yourself running into a few trees in the past.

Take a moment.


Get back up.

Focus on what you want.

Keep going.

6. Invest in Learningapple-asian-book-92331

You don’t know what you don’t know.

You won’t learn what you don’t want to.

The more you know, the more you remember to take action.

Many of the greatest thinkers of our modern humanity have been great learners who knew to take immense amounts of action.

To create, you must consume.

The more you take the time to learn how to perfect your craft the closer you become to being the expert you can and want to be.

The great thing about our world today is that it’s easier than ever to learn and track progress on improvement.

It’s important that any organization has the right partnerships in place to help them make targeted decisions that drive growth for their organization.

These partnerships come in the form of tools, key mentors, advisors, organizations, and access to resources that enable people to be their best.

You’ve probably heard the famous quote.

“What happens if you invest in someone and they leave?”

“Better question. What happens if you don’t and they stay.”

This famous quote not only applies to others in your organization but also serves as an excellent reminder for any leader to take the time to invest in their team's development, including their own.

You don’t know everything.


Love yourself

Take care of yourself.

You’re the only you, you got.

A confused mind, says "no."

7. Givers Gain Immensely

Everyone has something special in them.

Something they can teach a group of people in any room.

I find that the most successful people give of themselves.

People enjoy helping others.

Science shows that it’s even good for our brain.

Not only that, it can be enjoyable too.

It feels great to help those who need you.

When you forget about the quick buck and focus on helping others with a problem, things naturally come back full circle.

If you just remember that givers gain immensely, you can give of yourself and your resources without worrying about what’s in it for you.

The more you can focus on what’s in it for them, the more you begin to build a life that is purposeful, fosters trust and drives value to the lives of others.

In return, you will find that you will live a more purposeful and valuable life yourself.

I was in a meeting with a potential investor recently, and he thanked me for the audits and resources I provided him for his company before we met.

He told me that the most successful people he knows always know to bring a gift.

As he explains a bit further, he reminds me that those leading life to fill the cup of others will naturally always have a cup that is overflowing with more than plenty for them to continue to give.

It’s up to you.

Don’t get brainwashed by our culture of tuning into the nasty radio of WIIFM, (What’s In It For Me Radio.)

 Don’t fool yourself in thinking that you don’t have enough time, money, knowledge, or experience.

It brainwashes and takes away from a culture of love and empathy.

Two things our world can never have too much of are love and empathy.

8. Fail Frequentlyblack-and-white-depressed-depression-48566

You’re going to mess up.

It’s okay.

I believe there are two types of people.

First, the type of person who sees, success and failure as separate.

Second, the type of person who sees, failure as a by-product, a small part of a much larger puzzle.

It will help if you enjoy the journey.

If you don’t enjoy the failures, then you most likely won’t find the way to make it to the successes.

There’s a great piece of Mark Manson’s book “The Subtle Art of Not Giving a Fuck: A Counterintuitive Guide to Living A Good Life” that I think about every day.

“What pain are you willing to sustain?”

Allow yourself to do what you need to get to the next level.

Give it all you got, and fail fearlessly frequently.

You only need to get it right once.

Get out of your own way.

You can do better.


I can relate to those of you who may experience difficulty in getting to the next level.

Don’t worry.

You will.

Before you can implement business principles and key industry methods to your practice, you must set a proper foundation.

Realize that you have everything you need inside of you.

Just focus.

Take action.

Use Google and Youtube.

Everything you’ve ever wanted in life is happening now.

If, you allow it to.

Allow the good things in your life and lead with an open heart.

It’s all going to work out if you show up every day, put in the work, spread good energy, and trust the process.

If you’d like some help growing your business online, reach out to me.

 I'd love to learn more about what's working for your growth and where you're getting stuck.

We love taking businesses to the next level.

I hope I gave you something to think about today.

Look forward to talking to you soon.

- Tiago


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