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6 Key Trends Shaping Influencer Marketing for 2019

Alejandra Melara
May 15, 2019 11:56:41 AM

I get asked a lot by our partners whether or not they should focus their marketing campaigns in influencer marketing. A marketing strategy should include different digital marketing channels, and it all depends on the goal you want to reach.

If your ultimate goal is reaching brand awareness then using an influencer strategy and social media marketing is your best bet.

Consumers are becoming more and more skeptical of brand’s messages and marketing tactics. As business owners and marketers we need to be more thorough with the strategy and media platforms we use to communicate.

Brands find it every time a bit more difficult to build trust or even reach their intended audience.

I’m a consumer, YOU are a consumer.

We all can relate, you and I both tune out marketing tactics and advertisement that interrupts our day.

49% of consumers report that they find brand-created content and advertisement “annoying or irrelevant”

We don’t want to be sold to, especially by brands that offer products and services that we are not looking for.

Ever since the shift from traditional advertisement where television and radio where the only way to reach out to people, and with the rise of social media to communicate with consumers, influencer marketing has been a key ingredient in brand’s successfully reaching out to their intended audience and building brand awareness.

As a growth agency, we often find our partners struggling to reach high levels of engagement on social media and reach their target audience.

That is why we always recommend adding influencer marketing campaigns in the digital marketing mix for their social media because its a great way to reach potential clients in a more targetted and effective way.

Before I dive any further let’s clearly define what influencer marketing is:

What is Influencer Marketing?

Influencer marketing is the relationship between a brand and an influencer.

The influencer’s job is to promote the brand through different previously specified social media platforms.

Social media and Influencer Marketing go hand in hand. Influencer marketing has been clearly designed to boost social media communities engagement with brands.

How does influencer marketing work?

There are tons of individuals that are experts on a specific niche or industry. They have a community of engaged followers that recognize their expertise and trust them. They are what we call social media influencers.

82% of consumers said that they are very likely to follow a recommendation from an influencer they trust and 67% said they didn’t find influencer content as interruptive.adolescent-beautiful-blond-786801

As a brand, you must identify who are these influential individuals that are experts on the niche that your business is in.

They will help you reach a specific audience and market to them.

Is fair to say that the top influencer marketing platform is Instagram. 93% of influencer campaigns are focused on this social platform.

Many people tend to confuse influencer marketing with celebrity endorsements, but influencer marketing is not just about attaching a celebrity to a brand. An influencer marketing strategy uses specific individuals (whether a celebrity or not) that are recognized experts on a specific industry.

What do I mean by this?

Let’s illustrate this with an example:

Let’s say you just launched your yoga mat business. You sell highly attractive and uniquely designed mats for yoga enthusiasts.

Even though Chef Gordon Ramsey is a huge celebrity and has tons of social followers, it might not be the right person to use as an influencer for your brand.

You can choose from different Instagram profiles that are yoga experts, they might not be celebrities and recognized by everyone like Gordon Ramsey is. But they have a big community of followers that have true engagement with their posts and that’s been recognized by the audience you want to reach.

You don’t want to reach out to everyone, you want to reach the people that are actually looking for your products.

If you reach the right audience you have the possibility of them referring you to their friends and letting the world know they love you.

Helping you build a bigger community and therefore leading to a more successful business.

Now that I’ve explained a little bit further what influencer marketing is.

You might be wondering,

Why is Influencer Marketing so effective?

Influencer marketing has become more and more effective with passing years.

Did you know that according to a recent study done by Linqia, 94% of marketers from a variety of industries said that influencer marketing was an effective campaign strategy?

Social media usage has exponentially grown since 2004 and according to a recent study, social media hasn’t even reached its peak yet.

Social platforms are now a great source of information and consumers are spending most of their time on different social platforms.

Did you know that there are 3.2 billion daily active social media users and the time spent on social media per day is 2:22 hours.

Social media has become part of our day to day and we are slowly becoming social addicts.

This brings huge opportunity to businesses that want to reach their intended audience in a much more relevant and targetted way.

That is why influencer marketing is so effective, social media is a tool that has allowed the formation of online communities and social influencers.

We must take advantage of this and identify which individuals can work as influencers for our brand and help us reach our audiences.

Just like Inbound Marketing, influencer marketing is highly targeted to a specific audience that wants to be targeted.

Okay, so we’ve covered what influencer marketing is and why it’s so effective.

Now, I want to point you in the right direction.

Where or on what should you be focussing your attention when it comes to influencer marketing trends.

Here are 7 key influencer marketing trends for 2019

  • Authenticity is the best Influencer Marketing tactic

I will repeat myself here. Consumers don’t want to be sold too.

Whenever they sense a minimum need to sell from a brand they completely shut down.

As a marketer, I can really tell when an influencer is producing great content and being authentic and which ones are not.

And trust me when I say this, consumers, as well as marketers, can sense when an influencer is being fake.

The narrative of their content needs to be real and feel natural. Influencers who talk from the heart and really believe in the brand that they are selling will go far beyond than those who don’t.

There is a huge difference between these two narratives:

“I bought this product, you can find it here”


“I just got out of the gym, wearing my new (x thing). It feels great to have a morning sweat, right?”bicycling-bicyclist-cyclist-1289107

You can really tell in the first one that some brand paid this person to promote their product.

Whereas in the second one the person is just having a conversation with their audience and telling them something about their day, in this case, they look for an action or response from their audience as well.

They are looking to start a conversation.

  • Instagram is King

Did you know that 93% of influencer marketing campaigns are focused on just Instagram?

Take a look at the graph below and see how influencer marketing has evolved in the past year.graph

This is because of the platforms friendliness and the type of user experience that it provides in relation to other platforms like Facebook or Twitter.

To see how big influencer marketing is on the platform. Instagram is testing out “creator accounts” just for the specific niche of influencers that live on the platform.

If you want to start with influential marketing, I would highly recommend Instagram.

  • Content must be High-Quality

With new technologies arising and new apps that help you create amazing edited photos and content in just a few seconds.

Influencers must take advantage of this if they want to attract the audience that they are aiming for.

Consumers are tough and very selective with the type and quality of content they consume.

Humans are highly visual creatures and therefore will be drawn to the top performing, high-quality content that we find out there.

For the past year, there has been a rise on other types of creative content than just video, you should be on the lookout for GIFS, Boomerangs, Stopmotions and obviously the use of Stories that bring a much more human connection with users.

  • You should go “Nano”

Huge brands are turning into this new trend of using Nano Influencers also known as Micro Influencers.

A nano influencer is an influencer that has a range of followers from 1,000 to 10,000.

The purpose of using a nano influencer is to reach even more targetted audiences than ever. Their audiences are small, niche but highly engaged.

At the end of the day, we want engaged audiences that trust these influencers.

Take a look at the following example from Remington executing a nano influencer campaign to promote their curling wand.lETI

Leticia has 10.3 k followers and 148 publications.

  • Stay for the long-run

Look for a long-term relationship with influencers.

Influencers are also looking to have longer relationships with brands.

With long-lasting relationships, you’ll be able to have consistency.

Influencers also benefit from this since “they are able to convey a consistent message and grow their audience with the brand as opposed to one-off sponsorships” said Michelle Merino a Los Angeles influencer marketing consultant.

If a brand portrays consistency through all their marketing efforts, including influencer marketing they portray credibility and allows consumers to build trust with them.

Consistency and trust are two big elements in the survival and success of a business.

So, don’t just look for once in lifetime agreements, look for influencers that will bring the most value to your efforts and build a long-lasting partnership.

  • More than just engagement and reach

The ROI of influencer marketing campaigns is becoming much more measurable.facial-expression-fun-man-1498337

For the past years, the only way in which marketers could measure the success of an influencer marketing campaign was through social engagement (number of likes, shares or reposts).

Now, metrics such as engagement rate, CPE (cost per engagement), word of mouth, sentiment, operational ROI, an affiliate link tracking have changed the way marketers are able to measure the success of influencer marketing efforts and campaigns.

What do these terms mean?

Engagement rate: is what measures the level of engagement that a piece of content is receiving from its audience. It refers to the amount of interaction that piece of content gets (like, share, comment, etc.)

CPE (cost per engagement): Impressions and engagement are free, therefore advertisers only pay when a user engages with their ad unit.

Sentiment: Refers to the analysis of emotions and sentiment that a given piece of content produced in the audience.

Affiliate link tracking: Is a way to measure track sales, conversion, and clicks that come from affiliate websites.

So, there you have it guys.

6 key influencer marketing trends for 2019. Influencer Marketing has been on the rise for a while now but like everything else in marketing and in the digital world its in constant change.

We must stay on the loop of current trends and apply them on our brand’s efforts.

As a digital agency, we thrive at helping our partners grow through marketing campaigns and we’ve seen that influencer marketing is a key ingredient in boosting their business.

I hope this was a fun read for you as it was a fun write for me!

If you are still left with questions in regards to Influencer marketing trends, let us help you.

Reach out to us and we can help research and identify the right influencers for your brand, contact them and begin a long-lasting partnership that will help bring your marketing campaigns to the right platforms.


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