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Growth Hacker

Angelica is a Growth Hacker with an emphasis on Social Media! She helps create a story and build a digital audience for each brand. She has been working with the development of digital footprints for the last 4 years and has really learned about the field and is bringing that knowledge to GGI. Her favorite thing about social media is engaging with consumers and providing them a platform to communicate directly with a business. The days of emailing your questions to companies are over, social media is the new customer service for businesses!

Angelica has always strived to be a genuine communicator while presenting new and innovative ways to integrate social media with a businesses voice, personality and message. She is a creative at heart that has learned how to channel that through all forms of marketing. She graduated with her degree in Integrated Marketing Communications from UNLV in 2016 and since then has been navigating through the workforce through Las Vegas. 

Angelica really believes that you should constantly be learning no matter how old you are or what you’ve accomplished in your life! As a human you should constantly be evolving and learning about yourself and different subjects around you. She believes that daily self-reflection is important to having a well balanced life. She also believes that speaking things into existence is an important pillar of your well-being and to essentially create a positive life around you. 

When she isn’t at GGI, she enjoys going to the gym, reading and going to concerts and festivals. Angelica is a true music junkie at heart and really enjoys the feelings that music can give and the connection you make with music and certain memories in your life. 

All progress takes place outside the comfort zone.
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