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Creative and Graphic Designer

As a graphic designer, Alicia has a strong background in branding. She has worked hand in hand with different types of businesses by developing their visual identity and designing their communication strategies. 

Alicia is known for her critical thinking, creative approach, and resourcefulness. She has a solution-based mentality and strives for her designs to be not only aesthetic but for them to contribute in the growth of a brand's identity. By working with different markets and targets, she has developed the ability to learn quickly and to remain open minded and receptive over subjects she is not familiar with. 

Alicia is a team player as she has seen how projects are enriched by different points of view and how shared visions drive people to crave and reach for success. In Gray Group International she works alongside Deby on delivering all the visual assets that contribute to the growth of our partners. She recognizes the importance of continual education and is always updating and acquiring new knowledge regarding her area of expertise and her personal interests.

In her free time, she is passionate about learning about Sustainability and how to lower her impact in the planet. Wherever she goes she carries a reusable cup and bag in her purse. Alicia also enjoys learning German and wants it to become her third language she is fluent on. Currently, she is fluent in Spanish and English, as she has been speaking them since she was a child.

On Sundays, she likes reading novels while drinking loose leaf tea. Alicia has a soft spot for Jane Austen and strongly believes she has been largely overlooked by history as a feminist. She loves to travel, at least once a year, to somewhere new, as she finds inspiration by being pulled out from the context she is used to. She is planning for her next vacation to travel to Germany to experience their culture and practice their language.

You don't have to be perfect, but you do have to be 100% committed.
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